Cryptobuyer Emerges as a Leader in Latin America with an Aggressive Expansion Plan

Cryptobuyer Emerges as a Leader in Latin America with an Aggressive Expansion Plan

Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptobuyer installed the very first Bitcoin ATMs in a commercial bank as it announced plans for expansion, ICO, and the fresh Blockchain Academy Latam.

June 22, 2017, Panama City, Panama – Cryptobuyer, a leading cryptocurrency and digital assets company in the Latin America has gained the distinction of being the very first company ever to install Bitcoin ATMs (BTMs) in a commercial bank after two of its BTMs found a place in the premises of Banistmo Bank’s headquarters. The installation of BTMs followed the recently concluded Panamanian Association of Fintech event. Cryptobuyer was one of the participants at the 2nd edition of the event which was hosted by the 2nd largest bank in Panama, Banistmo. The event witnessed widespread participation from the members of banking and finance community and the general public.

The CEO, Jorge Luis Farias was part of a panel of experts discussing the scope and applications of blockchain technology at the event. The panel discussion garnered the attention of over three hundred participants from various industry sectors. The participation of Cryptobuyer in the Panamanian Association of Fintech event coincided with a latest report on Bloomberg covering the company and its use of blockchain technology to solve real world problems in the lives of people in emerging countries like Venezuela – a nation that is presently affected by hyperinflation and capital controls.

Farias, along with the CEO of Tigo CTM Cindy Zimmerman and the founder of Guldcoin Ira Miller, both technology playmates of Cryptobuyer showcased the two BTMs installed within the bank. These state-of-the-art machines supporting both Bitcoin and DASH were well received as many people in attendance lined up to test the equipment. The company plans to install more than twenty of these Bitcoin ATMs across Panama and rest of South America as the very first phase of its effort to create a cryptocurrency ATM network in the region.

The Global Business Developer at DASH, Daniel Diaz also took part in the panel and spoke about the advantages of DASH as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies. Cryptobuyer, recognizing the cryptocurrency’s potential announced support for DASH during the same event. Other prominent members in attendance at the event included Yari Romero, the CIO of – a venture capital, startup, and blockchain consulting hard, Alejandro de la Torre from, Felipe Echandi Founder of Quanto mobile digital payments application and PanaFintech, Alejandro Palomar of Blockchain three hundred sixty Solutions and KPMG’s Glenn Tjon.’s Alejandro de la Torre, who came all the way from Amsterdam demonstrated the use of Bitcoin wallet and gave away over one hundred bounty codes, to be redeemed on wallet for Bitcoin. Similarly, Palomar enlightened the audience about Blockchain technology while Tjon touched upon the influence of distributed ledger technology on global organizations.

After the panel discussion, Cryptobuyer announced its entry into the Ciudad del Saber (City of Skill) technology and innovation campus to set up base alongside one hundred eighty world-class companies and organizations including the likes of the United Nations, Copa Airlines, IESA and Hewlett-Packard. Cryptobuyer while setting up its headquarters in the technology hub will also develop Blockchain Academy Latam to impart cryptocurrency related education, training, and certifications to individuals, companies and organizations from Latin America and rest of the world.

And eventually, the big news. The company also announced its plans for an ICO in the coming weeks as the company looks forward to expanding its business model and operations with a soon-to-be-launched product. More details about the ICO and the fresh product launch will be announced soon.

Cryptobuyer is a leading digital assets company working on providing elementary, prompt and sturdy solutions involving cryptocurrencies. The company offers solutions that connect virtual currencies to day-to-day, real-world interactions. The company also provides cryptocurrency and blockchain consultancy services to individuals, groups, businesses and organizations. Cryptobuyer is a playmate of the Bitcoin Foundation of Venezuela and the Panamanian Fintech Association.

Location: Panama City, Panama

Cryptobuyer is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an suggest to invest.

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