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Endesa Energy Challenges is Endesa´s innovation platform which aims to convert the furture of energy through challenges launched for the global community of developers, experts in business development and design professionals.

As part of this initiative, Endesa Blockchain Lab challenges experts in blockchain technologies worldwide to put their creativity and innovative capabilities to the test in order to convert the future of energy in Spain.

Participants who wish to participate must propose value-add solutions for customers, the company and society through blockchain technologies.

The proposals do not have to be exclusively related to the energy sector; we will also value any proposal which includes synergies with Endesa´s capabilities and client portfolio.

Endesa Blockchain Lab is an initiative of Endesa Energía S.A.U, which from this point forward will be referred to as the Organization.

The challenge is open to people and companies worldwide, software developers, analysts and entrepreneurs interested in blockchain technologies and its applications. Participation in this challenge may be either individual or collective.


The challenge will be comprised by the following phases:

1.- Proposal Sumbission

Timeframe: From November 1st, two thousand sixteen to January 31st, two thousand seventeen at Legal:00 CET. The Organization reserves the right to extend this timeline.

Candidates will register to participate in the Endesa Blockchain Lab by packing out the online registration form available at the following website: http://endesaenergychallenges.com/blockchain/ and through the presentation of the entity or people who will form part of the team. Candidates must correctly accomplish the registration form using accurate data. The use of inaccurate or incomplete data will lead to disqualification.

Each candidate will provide a report which describes the ideas and the treatment which they propose for addressing this challenge as well as the proposed methodology. Candidates may use any type of software or audiovisual support materials they choose to present their project. This report must be sent to the following email address: blockchain@endesa.com prior to the registration deadline.

Two.- Project Selection

Timeframe: From February 1st, two thousand seventeen to March 31st, 2017.

In order to participate in the challenge, the proposals which meet each and every requirement outlines in the present terms and conditions will be evaluated by an Endesa committee. The participants in the challenge will be selected from this group of candidates.

During this timeframe, the evaluating committee may contact the candidates in the event that they require extra information or clarification in order to analyze each proposal.

The Organization will communicate the results of the preselection phase to all candidates through the contact details provided during registration, and the preselected candidates will be published on the Endesa Blockchain Lab website.

The projects selected to participate in the challenge will be invited to a pitching event at Endesa´s offices in Madrid, where they will have the chance to present their projects to potential sponsors at Endesa during the month of April, 2017.

All participants expressly authorize the Organization to publich their finish names as well as other information provided which are pertinent to publicizing the event. Participants also waive their picture (and voice) copyrights for informational and publicity purposes related to the diffusion of the Blockchain Lab through any media source considered suitable, including social media and Facebook and Twitter profiles as well as any other media source or medium without any counterpayment. This authorization will apply for an indefinite period of time.


All of the information, documentation, software, training materials and technologies provided to Blockchain Lab participants directly or indirectly by the Organization must be treated as confidential material, and may not be collective with nor transferred to any third party nor commercially exploited by any participant nor anyone acting in their name.


All participants, by accepting the current terms and conditions, proclaim the ideas and prototypes developed through the Blockchain Lab to be original and the off the hook result of their intellect, and therefore will not crack nor usurp any third party intellectual property rights, and will not conflict with any third party intellectual nor industrial property rights (brands, patents, copyrights, etc.).

The Organization will not be liable for any intellectual property grievances regarding the application or project introduced, as filed by any third party, as this liability will correspond solely to the participants who will be responsible for assuming any derived costs which may derive from such claims, including legal fees.

Endesa Energía may propose collaboration agreements with the participants who have introduced commercially interesting ideas irrespective of the selection of participants for the Blockchain Lab.

The property and development models for projects will be agreed on an individual, case-by-case basis.


Presentation of the registration form and participation in the Blockchain Lab represents the implicit, total and unconditional agreement to the terms and conditions detailed in the present document, as well as the interpretation of these terms and conditions by the Endesa Blockchain Lab and the organizing team.

All candidates will thereby accept the decisions made by the Organization and the evaluating committee in regards to the selection of participants and projects for the Blockchain Lab.

The Organization reserves the right to terminate the Blockchain Lab challenge at any time and without advance notice without incurring any negative consequences. The Organization will make every possible attempt to prevent any early cancellation from negatively impacting the participants.

The Organization will not be responsible for any loss, deterioration or theft of property, nor any delay or circumstance of force majeure outside of the Organization´s control (such as strikes) which may affect the workings of the Blockchain Lab, and will not entertain any requests for compensation nor any other monetary penalty as a result of these or any other reasons.

The Organization is not responsible for the possible consequences in the event of accident or force majeure, which may affect the competition. Under no circumstances will the Organization be held liable for any errors in the provision of services by any other person or entity whose participation is necessary for the decent spectacle of Blockchain Lab.

These terms and conditions constitute the only agreement inbetween the Organization and the participants of the Blockchain Lab and supersede any prior agreement inbetween said parties in relation to the same.

For the resolution of any dispute that may arise regarding the interpretation or application of these rules, the applicable law is Spanish. Both the organization and the participants in this Blockchain Lab expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.

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