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In the fresh age of digital currency, crowd-funding has become lighter than ever before. The ICO has been made possible through blockchain technology, brainy investments and the good will of people. OpenLedger and CCEDK are ushering in the fresh frontier bringing you an Economic Enterprise Engine: Crowdfunding Trio.0

No longer will investors have to scour the web to find information about the best crowdsale ICOO will be your ticket to all the most promising ICOs all in one place. With ICOO you’ll never miss the boat again. You’ll invest before an ICO starts, as CCEDK will hold investments in escrow until the ICOs officially launch.

The CCEDK team of professionals will work with start-ups to get their crowdfunding campaign off the ground. Whether you want to expand your business, or take a prototype to mass production, if the community likes the project, they will help you make it a reality. ICOO will take profits from fees associated with selling ICO packages and invest them into commodity backed digital tokens. This way, ICOO holders will see real comebacks over time.

ICOO will be the token that helps the market turn its desires into reality. ICOO puts the power of creation into the people’s arms.

How does it work

ICOO as any valuable service is the response to a need, two needs to be precise.

1) The need to trade instantaneously every fresh coin even in the pre-launch phase

Two) The need to have a finish promotional and professional services for issuers who want the marketing infrastructure to launch their project.

Prelaunch ICO crowd sales

Two) Funding your account with prelaunch ICO tokens of your

Four) OPEN asset of fresh ICO, like previous one OPEN.DAO, OPEN.DGD, OPEN.LSK will be sent to your OpenLedger/Bitshares account as soon as created. Be sure to check your e-mail also for updates.

Five) Begin to trade your prelaunch ICO in the market you wish. Most common markets are in OPEN.BTC(BTC), OPEN.ETH(ETH) or BTS.

Normal level users: 4% of the funds for any prelaunch ICO

High level user (VIP): 1% of the funds for any prelaunch ICO

How to become VIP: One life-time fee of 0,Five bitcoin(BTC), and prior to this option a minimum funding as normal level user above eleven bitcoin equivalent to USD Five.000,00 is required.

The above subscription fees are in total used for the profit distribution mentioned elsewhere on site.


Subscribe to ICOO prelaunch to embark trading as soon as OPEN asset is created for the fresh ICO

ICOO Token – Crowdfunding

Primary ICOO Split of total supply to be known only at end of ICO:

  • 10% to OBITS asset to be used for buying back / burn on July 2nd
  • 5% Implementation of future OPEN assets on OpenLedger originally introduced as a prelaunch ICO
  • 5% to BTSR for Advertising(buying back BTSR to be used for advertising of DC) ICOO backed by advertising
  • 5% to OBITS reserved for Blogging prizes (buying back OBITS reserved BloggersClub prizes) ICOO is backed by Bloggers’ Club
  • 25% Governance/Prize token for DigixDAO (DGD) ICOO backed by gold DAO token
  • 20% Reserve buffer to buy into ICO’s ICOO backed by any fresh crypto prelaunched on OpenLedger
  • 30% to CCEDK Team for project work ICOO backed by value added development

As CCEDK is preparing to launch ICOO, the very first project that will be a concentrate of the token’s energy will be DAOHub. The way this will work out is that DAOhub ICO launch will add liquidity to OpenLedger which will then benefit ICOO by making it tradeable for OPEN.DAO tokens instantaneously upon launch. CCEDK has already added over one million DAO tokens to OpenLedger since the launch of OPEN.DAO, and the platform proceeds to see success with its sales of OPEN.DAO.

Subsequently after completion of the DAOhub ICO and in connection with the launch of ICOO crowdsale, the ICOO community will then stir to support the next ICO that the CCEDK specialists “scout out and report” as being potentially prolific projects.


Time before next ICOO ShareDrop

Current total supply

Market Cap. (ICOO sold to public)

BuyBack/Sharedrop history:

ICOO will take profits from fees associated with selling ICO packages and invest them into commodity backed digital tokens. This way, ICOO holders will see real comebacks over time. ICOO will be the token that helps the market turn its desires into reality. ICOO puts the power of creation into the people’s mitts.

A proportion of the revenues from consulting and selling ICO packages will then flow into OBITS and BitTeaser – as supporting assets – whilst another allocation will be made to holders of a fresh asset, Initial Coin Suggesting OpenLedger or ICOO for brief. OpenLedger users who participate in ICOO associated crowdsales and pledge fifteen Bitcoin or more will receive badges that grant special privileges on the OpenLedger platform. Whether it is access to discounted advertising or discounted goods and services from the Decentralized Conglomerate, any user who gets a badge will get life-time privileges for the OpenLedger platform. ICOO is held up as a fresh kind of fund that will invest in future ICOs and create “proxy tokens” for them. These which permit users to trade the fresh project on OpenLedger in the period before the official launch.

As with other fresh projects, it is understood that a proportion of ICOO assets are reserved for OBITS, which Ronny Boesing, CEO of CCEDK ApS describes as a “catch-all asset” signifying all current and future initiatives in the CCEDK network.

ICOO funds will be distributed across several other key projects too beside from team funding.

That will encompass: (1) BitTeaser advertising network; (Two) Obits-based blogging network; (Three) the DigixDAO DGD Governance/prize token; and, (Four) A reserve buffer and implementation budget.

The long-term goals for OpenLedger and CCEDK are to be an “incubator for tech start-ups”, a hub for existing businesses to transition to blockchain-based infrastructure as well as a “portal for investors to find these businesses.”

    Profit distribution from ICOO after the Very first wave of Token Generation. 40% of yearly ICOO profits go to CCEDK and advertising. 60% of generated profits go towards following breakdown:
  • 20% of designated revenues will be used for the payment of monthly dividends / or as buyback of OBITS and consequently burned.
  • 65% of designated revenues will be used for buyback of ICOO tokens and burned
  • 10% to OBITS bought back from OBITS market reserved in fund for Blogging prizes
  • 5% to BTSR bought back from BTSR market for Advertising

0.13% interest from DGD as quarterly payouts in DGX and added as reserve to ICOO value. (25% of total ICOO value is in DGD)

60% of ICOO yearly profits will be used for the monthly buyback. ICOO is not selling a project with regular profits; we are, however, aiming to help start-ups accelerate development by means of providing fresh avenues to sources of crowdfunding.

The ICOO tokens:

  • Permit the holder to vote on any expenditure The DAO could make
  • Are fully transferable. They can be traded peer-to-peer or on an exchange
  • Represent a relative portion of The DAO’s crypto assets at any given time

The ICOO’s tokens crowdsale:

Begin Date: The ICOO asset crowdsale began on May 20th at Eighteen:00 UTC.

Duration: forty two days.

    Conversion Schedule:
  • For the very first twelve days: one thousand ICOO tokens for one bitcoin (BTC)
  • For the fifteen subsequent days: nine hundred twenty five ICOO tokens for one bitcoin (BTC)
  • For the thirty five successive days: eight hundred fifty ICOO tokens for one bitcoin (BTC)
  • For the last five days: constant seven hundred seventy five ICOO tokens for one bitcoin (BTC)

775 ICOO / one BTC

Value proposition of the asset ICOO

With the intent of providing a valuable service the ICOO has been created to sate two needs:

The need to trade instantaneously every fresh coin even in the pre-launch phase

The need to have accomplish promotional and professional services for issuers who want the marketing infrastructure to launch their project.

The profit distribution of the ICOO is based on the revenue rivulets affixed to the fees obtained from any of the above two mentioned main services. You can read more about this on ICOO.io as well as below providing an idea of one off many options available in future.

ICO prelaunch

Subscribe on ICOO site to either upcoming ICO or already active and deposit amount you wish to use as investment

Receive on OL account of ICO subscriber an OPEN.ZYX asset corresponding to the ICO token and embark to trade on the market of choice from user.(on OpenLedger it is possible by all users to create their very own market or use the ones already active).

Open asset is originally as an IOU on OL an based on CCEDK confirming to have equivalent amount of tokens confirmed to an adress, and once ICO is launched with respective wallet, deposit and withdrawal option on OL is then enabled and all OPEN.assets are backed by the cryptocurrency.

ICO subscribers pay a limited fee for this service which is deducted from the OPEN asset amount which is then funded to account. Fee schedule can be found on ICOO.io site.

The option of subscribing to a certain amount of ICO tokens will be enable on the ICOO website once an ICO i announced.

NB! Whether standard fee, VIP onetime amount or VIP fees achieved from this service they will be added in total (100%) to the monthly ICOO profit distribution.

ICO crowdsales/funding and other marketing related services and support

When speaking ICO packages or any other services for that matter on CCEDK in future, you order the content you like on CCEDK website in USD and in whichever way may fit your need best possible and then pay for this in ICOO asset when checking out, by sending equivalent value to the CCEDK designated account on OpenLedger. An ICO Start-up package could however be like the following, albeit many more variations will be available and the percentage mentioned is the approximate value sent to ICOO as part of its monthly profit distribution. (50% of this goes to ICOO profit distribution)

One press release, one article and one mail-out text from professional content writer based on material provided including mentioning of OpenLedger

A use case movie introducing the project similar to the ICOO movie: ICOO – Crowd-funding the market’s wishes

Escrow service during ICO – 0,5% of total amount achieved and minimum Three.000 USD.

Added to OpenLedger platform – fully integrated at launch time.

Prelaunch ICO of same with buywall to insure no dumping below ICO price. Included prelaunch service.

Press release coverage to more than eighty million viewers promoted through our various channels of media coverage like bitcoinist, cryptocoinsnews, news.bitcoin, Yahoo Finance incl. twitter and other social media. finance.yahoo.com

  • 2-3 original articles included and promoted through our various channels of media coverage like bitscan, bitcoinist, cryptocoinsnews, news.bitcoin as example could be: cryptocoinsnews.com

    Albeit never 100% sure an attempt to have a special content article feature in Forbes or similar major international media like the one we did on decentralized conglomerate forbes.com

    Five Tweets a day for one month with up to one hundred different messages in random presentation incl. all articles produced in this start-up ICO package, and same articles introduced in all major forums worldwide, weekly across the time of ICO albeit maximum one month unless otherwise agreed.

    Unknown denominator, yet powerful joker – Powered by the people

    Advertising via the blockchain based advertising network BitTeaser bitteaser.com

    Word of mouth, overall cross promotion and blogging from the OBITS bloggersclub500 (obits.io/blogger)

    and the BitTeaser ambassadors (these positions are being packed as we speak)


    Above mentioned is the suggestion of a special ICO start-up package and the price would be converted into the going rate of the asset ICOO on the day of order and payment. We do not disclose the prices here, they are however possible to receive by contacting me personally at ronny@ccedk.com , or you may also wait for the CCEDK website relaunch where you will have many options to choose from as well as less intense marketing or enlargened. It will all be there.

    It is possible to pay with the ICO tokens in question as well, however with a deduction of 5% of initial ICO rate.

    (50% of any payment will be part of the monthly profit distribution and also listed on the ICOO site.)

    Branding movie – ask for price

    It is possible to order a branding movie as well, it is however fairly spicy in price. Ask in case of interest.

    Issuing your own asset I possible where funds are sent to account of founder. Ask for details.

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