O – Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2017

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2017

April Two, two thousand seventeen to April Five, 2017

Fresh York , Fresh York

Register for: O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference two thousand seventeen on April 2-5, 2017!

Don’t miss O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference two thousand seventeen on April 2-5, two thousand seventeen in Fresh York, Fresh York.

The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference: Engineering the future of software

Most software development conferences concentrate on enlargening your abilities by providing in-depth technical sessions in a single track for architects. The O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference is different, focusing on technical breadth as well as depth—the entire conference delves into the varied facets of the role of software architect. Understanding the tradeoffs, technology options, and engineering practices is critical because the long-term success of many companies balances on the effectiveness and versatility of the software architecture teams that design, implement, and deploy it.

Speakers at O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference 2017, some of the best practitioners in the business, will explore hypothesis-driven development, microservices, reactive and evolutionary architectures, emerging fintech like Blockchain, and architectures that support continuous delivery. We’ll cover the soft abilities of architecture: how to document and present architectural visions, meeting hacks, and other non-technical but essential abilities. Because architecture and the architect’s role proceed to evolve, we’ll also discuss how the scope of the architect’s work has broadened in latest years, encompassing disciplines like DevOps and security.

Join us at O’Reilly Software Architecture to learn more about the instruments to use and why, and the effect they’ll have on your work. Hear strategies for meeting your company’s business goals, developing leadership abilities, and making the conceptual hop from software developer to architect. There’s no better place to share fresh technologies and approaches, proven best practices, and exceptional technical abilities with other engineers, developers, tech leads, and managers who bridge business and technology.

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Fresh Report: Innovations in Edge Computing and MEC

2017 Innovations in Edge Computing and MEC Report is available for free download. This Free Report takes a look at the current state of MEC, the key use cases that are being discussed and prototyped, early POCs and pre-standard deployments that exist today.

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