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Provenance: vehicle maintenance with QR code based Blockchain and Weather

Published on August 15, two thousand seventeen / Updated on August 15, 2017


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Skill Level: Intermediate

Arms on abilities on IBM Bluemix, Knot-Crimson and Blockchain v0.6 on Bluemix

Tracing the origin and movement of parts that make up a vehicle through a complicated supply chain is error prone.

Blockchain permits all members to track movement in a common, semi-transparent and accessible record, enabling quicker forensics case case of a recall


Basic Understanding and skill of the following:

– IBM Blockchain v0.6 on Bluemix

– IBM Weather on Bluemix


Install Knot-Crimson on local machine or on the add as a service on IBM Bluemix

The recipe below shows how to add node-red on IBM Bluemix:

on local machine:

Add Knot-Crimson Dashboard knots

Go after this recipe to Install dashboard knots to your Node-RED (local or bluemix)

Import the Knot-Crimson flow from Github

This flow has pre-configured knots for Dashboard, Blockchain Invoke and Query, QR code

Add Blockchain Service v0.6 on Bluemix and Deploy Chaincode

Go after the Recipe to add Blockchain v0.6 service on Bluemix and deploy the chaincode using the URL below:

Chaincode URL: main.go

Configure Weather on IBM Bluemix:

Update the Blockchain Payloads and URL in imported Knot-Crimson flow

Update Chaincode ID with your deployed Chaincode ID in all function knot payloads in node-red flow

Update URL with vp0 URL in all http request knots in node-red flow

Knot-Crimson Dashboard

1. Parts Commission is one time part creation in Blockchain. Note: Step1 need to done only once since it the one time registeration of the part

Two. The part is dispatched from Manufacturer to different suppliers to eventually to warehouse are transactions in Blockchain. Event button trigger a write to the Blockchain.

Trio. Scan the QR code to check the status of the Parts everytime the part is arrived or dispatched from the supplier. In the example the part is shipped from IBM India to IBM SL to IBM SG to IBM HK and ultimately arrives at IBM Aust

Four. Items carried gets added everytime the part of dispatched from the location. In the example it becomes 125

Five. Weather in the port is configured with the Weather API deployed on IBM Bluemix which you use with the configuring lat long

QR code configuration

In the Node-RED flow there is a http config knot which has which intiates a query to Blockchain with the part ID in this case it is ctnID which is four hundred seventy seven thousand five hundred ten on which all the transactions are retrieved and proves the provenance of the parts. In this example it is IBM India

Blocks activity in Blockchain

1. Chaincode deployment:

Two. Register Asset / Part Commissioned:

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