Infrequent Pepe Gets Blockchained, Made Into Tradable Counterparty Tokens

Infrequent Pepe Gets Blockchained, Made Into Tradable Counterparty Tokens

In December of 2013, Dogecoin took the crypto-community by storm, tethering a popular meme to an altcoin. This year, Infrequent Pepe assets are bringing the meme enthusiasm back, and Pepes are in high request.

What Happens When You Mix Uncommon Pepe Assets With Blockchain Technology

Pepe the Frog is a very popular meme created by Matt Furie in 2005. Over time, Furie’s drawing has gained significant virality. The meme is consistently collective via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and 4chan, becoming one of the most fancy memes to date. Now, thanks to the Bitcoin and Counterparty communities, people can trade and own the very first truly uncommon Pepes.

Uncommon Pepes are cards depicting the infamous frog, traded as XCP assets over the Bitcoin blockchain much like Spells of Genesis cards. Since the inception of the Uncommon Pepe series, the community has grown. For example, there is a Infrequent Pepe Wallet where people can collect the series. The frog cards are voted on by the Infrequent Pepe foundation and artwork has to be enormously dank. The wallet is a browser client that can hold the entire series of Pepes collected. When initiating a Infrequent Pepe Wallet, users are given a seed phrase just in case they lose their precious Pepe momentos.

Additionally, since the cards’ inception, Uncommon Pepes have been released weekly to the general public and the creators also deployed an airdrop. Presently, there are two series of the official cards and users can visualize these rarities while surfing the Uncommon Pepe Directory. Some Infrequent Pepes in existence include the Ponzi Pepe, Ether Pepe, the Nakamoto card, the Shitcoin card, Junseth Pepe, and much more. This morning I logged onto the Uncommon Pepe browser wallet and got an address to hold my Pepes. A friend of mine sent me two Still P.E.P.E cards to commence my collection.

The ‘My Infrequent Pepe’ Community & Foundation

The Uncommon Pepe community also has a very active trading group channel on Telegram where users are discussing the Pepe ecosystem. People visiting the channel can converse about the progress of Uncommon Pepes, and showcase off their artwork. At the My Infrequent Pepe blog, people can find out the latest news surrounding the Pepe landscape. The Infrequent Pepe card creators explain their mission on the website’s colorful interface:

“We at My Uncommon Pepe are dedicated to bringing you the rarest and most beautiful Pepe cards on the internet. We were the very first to link Pepes and cryptography to bring you the very first truly uncommon pepes secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.”

On October Four, YouTube display Coin Interview hosted Scene twenty three : “RarePepe with Theo Goodman.” Goodman is a Infrequent Pepe foundation member. He explains how the Uncommon Pepe idea got commenced and how cards must be certified by the Uncommon Pepe Foundation. When asked by the Coin Interview hosts what Infrequent Pepe blockchain assets were all about, Goodman explains the philosophy:

Infrequent Pepe blockchain trading cards is all about free speech, and the freedom, and the power of the blockchain to empower everyone to get Uncommon Pepes. So you might have heard from the Anti-Defamation League that Infrequent Pepes are hate speech. But through the power of the blockchain, they are immutable. So we are able to have our free speech as we want. Also, it shows that the blockchain and these assets have use.

Will Infrequent Pepe Get Its Own Nascar Race Car?

The Uncommon Pepe community proceeds to grow, and the digital asset environment also has its own Pepe cash. The Pepe cash card was airdropped into the wallets of those who wielded three specific cards. Alongside this, unlike OneCoin, Pepe Cash is listed on At press time one Pepe Cash is worth 0.00000012 BTC, and is up eighteen percent over the past twenty four hours.

The Infrequent Pepe blockchain phenomenon seems to be growing particularly quick, and mass adoption could soon be on the horizon. Blockchain technology has mobilized the freedom of speech and the dankest of memes created on the web. As the blockchain-based Uncommon Pepe community grows, there seems to be no boundaries to this meme-protocol’s potential.

What do you think about the Infrequent Pepe blockchain assets? Let us know in the comments below.

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