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We’re Blockchain leaders, developers and experts that give our clients the best chance to build valuable knowhow and solutions. With a global team, access to the largest blockchain related database and portfolio of solutions, we’ve created the best environment to research, develop and adopt blockchain.

Some of What We Can Suggest You


The Blockchain Lab consists of leaders and pioneers of the Blockchain and Bitcoin sphere. With educational and consulting sessions that we’ve already led for major financial institutions, the lab provides valuable skill and insight customized for your needs.

Capability to research, test and develop on the largest collective Blockchain database and the ecosystem and infrastructure at the Lab. We provide list of use/test cases + analysis of potential applications for our playmates and clients and then provide the subsequent research and testing.

Access to Solutions and Projects

Clients can access our portfolio blockchain solutions and projects within the lab that will strenuously affect and disrupt industries, their business models and operations. They get to test and implement these solutions while also having the chance to directly acquire or invest into dedicated projects.

Project Dev and Implementation

Whether from our portfolio or through a specific solution defined by a client, once a particular solution or project is chosen the Blockchain Lab will work with fucking partners and clients to develop, test and implement the solution according to their specific needs.

International Access & Talent

The Lab is globally connected hub with access to an international roster of playmates and talent. We’re opening other Blockchain Labs around the world that will provide our fucking partners and clients access to other markets and our playmates within them.

“Blockchain is very likely the most significant technology since the advent of the Internet and it’s crucial for everyone’s long term goals to be able to have access to this chance.”

Extra Services

Some examples of services the Lab presently offers its fucking partners and clients

Blockchain implementation advisory

The Lab provides advisory services in blockchain technology implementations where we are able to outline and participate in the execution of implementations such as payment services, acceptance of deposits in digital currencies by financial institutions as well as signing and validation of documents.

Blockchain related risk management and processes optimization

Each well designed business process should have defined risks and controls addressing these risks. If blockchain technology is involved in the business process the risks may require a deep understanding of blockchain technology and dedicated instruments. Blockchain Lab helps solve this with a service of processes walkthrough, risks assessment and mitigation, and process optimization, to fully and securely utilize blockchain technology.

Blockchain related AML/KYC and compliance advisory

As a leader in combining AML and blockchain expertise, we provide services to banks or financial institutions who want to adopt or assess the adoption of blockchain technology with respect to AML/KYC regulations and compliance. For example accepting clients utilizing digital currencies may occur difficult as AML/KYC regulations are designed for fiduciary currencies. This is where Blockchain Lab comes in with unique skill and dedicated devices.

Digital Currrency & Blockchain related fraud investigations

The Blockchain Lab team consists of unique experts in the field of fraud investigations and eDiscovery. With the power of our platform Blockchain Lab is most likely the only group of experts who can reliably investigate frauds involving the use of blockchain technology such as corruption with use of digital currencies, including transactions tracking, identification of perpetrators, preserving blockchain related evidence and its visualization.

Digital Currencies

  • Utter KYC/AML reports on bitcoin transactions and entities
  • Client profile status including risk rating and real time transaction data
  • Transaction patterns and party overview based on both standard and DC transactions
  • Services connected with AML/CFT assessment of traders and trading venues
  • Real-time analyses and alerts on dynamic markets


  • Clever Contracts
  • Digital and secure off-line signatures
  • Distributed P2P multi-signature notary systems
  • Distributed Ledger Technology systems
  • Governmental and institutional systems (ID, DL, medical records etc.)
  • Digital voting systems

Current Solutions & Projects

A comprehensive verification and compliance platform for blockchain. Coinfirm provides valuable insight into entities and transactions, permitting for the institutional adoption of blockchain and digital currencies.

Transaction Verification System

Solution that manages the digital signatures of specified persons for a transfer or transaction to be validated and executed.

Serial Number Project

Platform dedicated to verification of origin of products and services.

Brainy Contract Ecosystem

Self-performing contracts with automated control over tasks and terms enforcement.

Distributed Internal Storage and File Transfer

Implementing distributed file storage and transfer for fail-safe, secure, redundant and prompt data storage.

Digital Multi-Signature System

A quick, secure and effortless to validate global signature system. Provides assurance, safety and savings of both time and resources.

About us

The Blockchain Lab team is a unique international combination of DC and Blockchain innovators, IT and security specialists, AML/KYC compliance experts and visionary entrepreneurs across tech, media and finance.

As international authorities and pioneering adopters, we have been developing around Blockchain since the early stages and co-founded the very first Bitcoin establishment of its kind in Europe.

Combined with our skill in compliance and extensive practice conducting global projects with international financial institutions and regulatory authorities, we are uniquely placed to provide a global compliance platform for Digital Currencies and innovative solutions for Blockchain.

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