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The Six Scene Project About Bitcoin and Blockchain Is Began on YouTube

Those who like to absorb information with a help of movie tutorials, have a superb chance to get acquainted with a basic information about Bitcoin and crypto-currency appearance, find out what is blockchain and how this technology can switch the world.

Trust Disrupted

In October, Ten, the YouTube-channel TechCrunch published the very first scene of the six-series project Trust Disrupted: Bitcoin and the Blockchain. A viewer will find out about the crypto-currency through the eyes of Nathaniel Popper, a regular contributor to The Fresh York Times. Popper talks to the researchers, blockchain technology developers, and other representatives of the industry, investigates the evolution of blockchain technology recognition by big banks and traditional financial institutions – from the accomplish rejection to the successful attempts to adjust the blockchain to their needs.

Gig One: Hidden Possibilities

Six scenes of this mini-serias will be published on the net during the week, two very first series are already available. The very first series shows the incipience of the blockchain technology and creation of Bitcoin. It is accompanied by the comments from the significant representatives of the crypto-currency industry: Gavin Andersen, one of the developers of the early stage of Bitcoin development, Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the next step in the blockchain evolution – Ethereum platform, Fred Wilson, the founder of Union Square Ventures.

Viewing the series, one can notice serious contradictions inbetween those who consider crypto-currencies a real breakthrough in financial relationships, and those who want to use the blockchain technology to serve their private interests.

Technology That Will Switch the World

The 2nd scene is dedicated to the history of Bitcoin mining, kicking off from the half-legendary times, when only a few enthusiasts were involved into mining of the very first crypto-currency, and up to the present times, when this niche is almost monopolized by several mining pools. In addition, this series covers the issue of the high cost of energy that is needed in enormous quantity for the functioning of mining farms. That is why the thickest part of mining power is concentrated in China, where there are many hydropower plants and electrified energy is cheap.

The next gigs will cover the topics of decentralization and Bitcoin network scalability, and financial mechanisms of crypto-currency existence. The fifth gig will be fully loyal to the Ethereum platform, and, to accomplish, the viewers will get a comparative analysis of the open and closed blockchain conceptions, and the revolutionary possibilities of this technology.

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