UC Berkeley Uses Blockchain for Added Transparency in Pubic Health Studies

UC Berkeley Uses Blockchain for Added Transparency in Pubic Health Studies

UC Berkeley has announced a partnership with Taiwan-based Bitmark to implement blockchain application for managing data belonging to participants in public health research. Read more.

Cryptocurrency’s underlying blockchain technology is known for its transparency and immutability. These unique features have helped the distributed ledger build up widespread popularity across various industry segments. The sensitive nature of patient records and other confidential information makes adoption of cryptocurrency technology ideal in the healthcare industry. University of California, Berkeley has recently determined to take advantage of the technology to ensure added transparency to its public health studies.

UC Berkeley School of Public Health has entered into a partnership with Taiwan-based Bitmark to implement blockchain-based data tracking solution that will help participants in the University’s public health studies track how their information is being used. The added transparency will not only induce trust among the public but also alleviates data privacy and confidentiality concerns. It will also encourage more people to come forward and participate in the studies.

Bitmark’s solution will benefit not only the participants but also researchers involved in these studies. The platform makes it lighter for researchers to verify provenance and consent, thus eliminating any legal issues that could arise due to the potential misuse of confidential data.

One of the healthcare technology news outlets shortly explains how Bitmark’s technology works, with respect to UC Berkeley’s needs. According to the article, the system assigns property titles to every individual’s individual data after converting them to digital assets, following a structuring and digitization process. These property titles, called “bitmarks” act as a permanent record of ownership on the platform’s distributed ledger. Whenever the property is transferred during the course of studies or otherwise, a record of such transactions will be entered into the Bitmark platform, enabling effortless tracking and recordkeeping.

The introduction of Bitmark’s system in UC Berkeley is hailed as a fine stir, a confluence of public health and technology, which can be extended beyond the university boundaries. The same technology can also be used by other schools, research centers, and healthcare providers to advance public health.

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