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In February, Dash partnered with BlockPay.

BlockPay permits point-of-sale purchases. That means you can spend Dash at select brick-and-mortar stores. BlockPay is available around the world and in forty four languages.

In March, Dash partnered with Wall of Coins.

Wall of Coins permits you to buy Dash through major financial institutions such as Pursue Bank and Western Union. That makes it lighter for Dash users to exchange cryptocurrency for their local currency.

That same month, Dash partnered with Coinapult. Coinapult permits you to buy Dash with twenty different fiat currencies.

And in May, Dash teamed up with BlockCypher. This is even thicker news…

BlockCypher provides technologies that permit businesses to work with cryptocurrency blockchains.

BlockCypher already works with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and financial consulting rigid Deloitte. Cryptocurrency services Abra and Xapo are also clients.

The partnership with BlockCypher is a significant step toward mainstream adoption of Dash.

These are just a few of the partnerships Dash has put together in 2017.

At Palm Beach Research Group, we’ve done more research on cryptocurrencies than any other newsletter in the industry…

And after looking at Dash, we think it has the potential to surpass bitcoin as the most widely used cryptocurrency for payments .

Today, I’ll display you why Dash is separating itself from bitcoin to become the king of digital cash.

Designed for Payments

Dash is a cryptocurrency. Its name is a combination of the words digital and cash. We very first mentioned Dash in the Feb. Twenty six Daily.

Dash was originally designed for private, anonymous transactions.

Today, Dash has repositioned itself as digital cash. Its developers want to make cryptocurrency payments so effortless that Grandma can make them .

Dash has three features that make it a better solution for payments than bitcoin:

  • Very first, it’s prompt. Its InstantSend payment feature permits for payment confirmation in less than a 2nd. Bitcoin’s transaction times can take up to ten minutes.
  • 2nd, it’s private. Dash’s PrivateSend feature ensures your activity history and balances are private.
  • Third, it’s self-governing and self-funding. Dash’s governance model ensures continuous improvements to the network. (In crypto-speak, it’s a true “decentralized autonomous organization.”)

Dash’s fresh partnerships and unique features are paying off…

As Connections Increase, Adoption Goes after

There are about Five,000 Dash transactions per day. That’s up from about 1,000 at the commence of the year.

Transaction volume has grown by five times as well .

And we’re witnessing Dash used in real-world cases, too…

Take Living Room of Satoshi, for example.

It’s an Australian company that permits people to pay bills with cryptocurrencies. You can make utility, rent, credit card, and insurance payments on the website.

(People familiar with cryptocurrencies might recognize the Satoshi name. It refers to Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous name of bitcoin’s creator.)

At very first, Living Room of Satoshi only accepted bitcoin. Now it accepts five more currencies.

And while bitcoin is still the most used, Dash has quickly moved to the 2nd spot.

With all the fresh partnerships, it’s no surprise that Dash is up 663% for the year.

And it’s just getting began…

Right now, the market values Dash at $600 million.

But consider this: Revenues for the payment industry are over $1 trillion every year. And they’re expected to hit $Two trillion by two thousand twenty five .

So there’s slew more upside for Dash.

Regular readers know we’ve written a lot about bitcoin. But there are a number of other cryptocurrencies we like… and Dash is one of them.

That’s why you need to put Dash on your radar today.

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